About Us

Alister is a research and development company using blockchain technology to provide integrity and transparency to current and legacy systems.

An image: a 3D blockchain sits on a reflective screen. Padlocks within boxes protect lines of code. They connect via white streams of data. In the background, stars can be seen, as well as the Earth floating in space.


Creating a world where data transparency and integrity is at your fingertips.

An image: another illuminated blue colored globe sits against a black background. In front of the globe, a stream of orange and yellow frequency waves and lines of translucent code rain town from the top of the image.


Our mission is to create a positive social impact by applying Hyperledger technology to complex data systems.

Core Values:

Integrity – Date integrity is paramount

Physical integrity - Protection of data’s wholeness and accuracy as it’s stored and retrieved.

Logical integrity - keeps data unchanged as it’s used in different ways in a relational database.

Entity integrity - relies on the creation of primary keys, or unique values that identify pieces of data, to ensure that data isn't listed more than once and that no field in a table is null.

Referential integrity - refers to the series of processes that make sure data is stored and used uniformly.

Domain integrity - is the collection of processes that ensure the accuracy of each piece of data in a domain.

User-defined integrity - involves the rules and constraints created by the user to fit their particular needs.